WinYou Law 2010
 Tab Clients
Tabs in WinYou Law menubar / ribbon (organized by tasks in a law firm):

Client / Case Management

This tab provides access to all commands and functions relating to Clients / Cases / Files / Projects.

The Project Explorer

The Clients / Cases / Files / Projects are organized in an Explorer view (tree structure). The number of levels (hierarchy) is unlimited! Thus, for example, you can organize your clients as the first level, then their cases or matters as the second level; if you have a number of different matters for a single client, then you may wish to use further levels. Projects with a [+] sign in front of them have subprojects. You can create as many hierarchies as you wish. You open your projects or subprojects by double-clicking on them (clicking the [+] sign opens up the project tree.)

Search in Project Explorer

To search the list of projects, enter the first letters of the project name in the project list search field. If the desired project or subproject is available in your project list (filter!), then the entry is displayed and the cursor automatically jumps to the first entry. You use the F3 key to select the next matching entry. You can also search for a project number directly: For example, to search for project number 34, enter “#34”. The corresponding entry is selected (assuming this is in the current project list and is not filtered). WinYou Law reads data very quickly and can display thousands of projects almost immediately in the selected view. For individual views you can create your own personal user-related project filter.

Favorites, Properties, Summary:

Below some screen shots to show more detailed informations about project properties, the summary window in the work screen and how to manage favorites.



Select a project and click on the Favorites button. The project will be added to “Favorites” in the Project Explorer.



In the window “Details” you see all the project properties.

  • Client/Projectnumber
  • Office
  • Startdate
  • Responsible
  • User assignments
  • Billing properties
  • Rates
  • Keyowrds
  • ...


The window shows you a comprehensive cost / expense / payment information about the current project.

WIP (Work In Progress) and A/R (Accounts Receivable) shows the current balance of the project.