WinYou Law 2010
Tabs in WinYou Law menubar / ribbon (organized by tasks in a law firm):

Contact Management

Our address administration feature was designed especially with lawyers and their needs in mind. Obviously, it is important for users to be able to find and use contact information easily. In WinYou Law, you only enter addresses once and you use them as Client/Matter/Case/File/Project related addresses, as links in the Client Relation Manager, for documents, mailings etc.

Contact Explorer

The Address List lists all addresses alphabetically (unless they are being filtered). Addresses with a plus-sign [+] have Contact Persons and / or Locations. You can view the Contact Persons / Locations by clicking on the plus-signs. You can open the address details by double-clicking on the address in the address list. If links to contact persons and/or other locations have been created, they will be displayed under the selected address.

Search in Contact Explorer

If you want to search the Address list, you simply type the first letters of the company or individual’s name in the address list search field. The first address that corresponds to the search term is selected. You can switch to the next entry corresponding to the search term with the F3 key.


Type the first letters of the Name or First name of the Contact Person or of the Company Name in the search field. Press the “Search” button on the right or press the F4 key. This performs a search of the entire database and the result is displayed in the QuickSearch window.

Address View, Duplicates, Addresscodes, Tel/Fax/Email, Contactpersons, Locations, Contact Network, Map:

Address View

Address View

The current address view will be shown here. If you have chosen a different country, the address view is automatically adjusted.

Address Duplicates

Automatic check of duplicate Addresses 

If WinYou Law finds a corresponding existing address in the database, a warning dialog will be shown. You can choose to continue or to use the existing one. Follow the instructions on the screen.



Depending on the focused entry (main address, location or contact person) you will always see the corresponding Codes in the Address Code window.

You can assign address codes to your address. Press the button “Address Codes” to get the specialized dialog.

The QuickCodes shows the available user codes for the actual login user. Click on the plus sign on the other codes to see the details. Double Click on a code copies the code to the window with the assigned codes. You can also use the green buttons to insert or remove the codes.

Address codes can also be assigned to a single contact person. Double Click on the Contact Person, press button Address Codes in the Contact Person dialog.

Tel / Fax / EMail

Tel / Fax / EMail Dialog

Tel / Fax / EMail

Depending on the focused entry (main address, location or contact person) you will always see the corresponding Tel/Fax/EMails in the Tel/Fax/ EMail window.

Click on “Tel / Fax / EMail” button (or right click in the Tel/Fax/EMail Window to get the context menu). Select Add or Edit Tel/Fax/EMail to add some new entries.

The number of entries is not restricted. For example you can use the entry “Tel/Business” as many times as you wish.

WinYou Law also allows you to enter any remarks (type any text after the number).

You can also edit the data directly in the fields Tel / Fax / Email. 

Contact Persons

Contact Persons Dialog

Contact Persons

Click on the “Contact Persons” button or Double Click on the Contact Person in the list and the Contact Person Dialog will show up. From the Contact Person Dialog you control every aspect of the Contact Person.

You can assign Address Codes, EMail, Telephone and Fax numbers as well as notes. Specially defined fields like Birthday etc. are also available. You can assign individual address codes to every contact person.

You can even assign this contact person to a location, i.e. you will only see this contact person in context with this location in the address. A Contact Person that is assigned to a location will show up yellow in the Address List and you will only see the Contact Person under this Location.

If the Contact Person is not assigned specially to a Location, this will be shown as a red icon in the Address List. This Contact Person can therefore be used in the Address of any Location (when creating a letter etc).


Locations / Sub Addresses

You can have more locations (addresses) to one contact, like other offices / branches. Select the desired address in the Address List. In the Address Window click on the button “Modify”, click on button “Addresses...”, select “New Location”.

Contact Network

Contact Network / Address Links

If you want to display the links of an address, select the desired address in the address list and click on the button “Contact Network” (or on the tab in the address view).

The Address Network / Client Relation Manager offers you a comfortable graphic overview over the relations between addresses and Projects/Clients/ Cases/Matters. This can be an Address to Project or an Address to Address link.

Project related addresses are automatically listed in the Client Relation Manager with their links.



Clicking this button will display the address on Google Maps. The map display can be customized, please contact your Administrator.