WinYou Law 2010


Following Documents are available:

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pdf First Steps in WinYou Law 2010


This document describes the first steps in WinYou Law 2010 (6 Pages - 2 MB)


pdf WinYou Law 2010 Manual


Complete Manual for WinYou Law 2010 (130 Pages - 13 MB)
- updated Nov. 2010: Import / Export, DropZone


pdf What is new in WinYou Law 2010?


This document explains the new features in WinYou Law 2010 (9 Pages - 3 MB)

pdf Enabling Macros for your Word Templates


WinYou Law is using macros in word templates (used in billing to create invoices in Word). Often macros are disabled within Word. This document describes how to enable only the macros within WinYou Law templates folder. 


pdf Adding your own Word Templates


This document shows how to add your own Word Templates to WinYou Law Document Control Center. 


pdf Install WinYou Law Workgroup Edition


This document shows how to install a central database and document folder on a server and how to connect the commputers to the server 

Modify Billing Templates

pdf Changing Billing Templates


This document shows how to change the existing billing templates