WinYou Law 2010


Latest Updates (maintenance) for existing installations of WinYou Law.

Do not mix main versions (do not use WinYou Law 2010 Update to upgrade from 2007 to 2010 etc.).


WinYou Law 2010

Latest Updates for existing WinYou Law 2010 installations:

Updated October 4, 2012 (14.1.380)
Update without Database and Templates
- Corrected issue with linked address contact persons
- Corrected issue with address locations (order
- Automatic language translation with drag&drop of
  entries when client language is different
- Focus on input field when tab TimeSheet is selected
- Enabled posibility to bill with amount 0
- Scaling of contact explorer now correct with 125%
   to 150% resolution
- Corrected issue of focus change in project
- DropZone: corrected issue with Word Styles
- Minor fixes

Updated April 2, 2012 (14.1.365)
-Minor fixes

Updated November 24, 2011 (14.1.339)
- Consolidated billing: corrected issue with not
  showing all billed detail entries
- Trusted login will be rejected if status of user
- Corrected issue with drag & drop when titel
  exceeding windows max allowed
- Corrected issue with close contact (new contact)
- Corrected issue with work screen (close)
- Added possibility to change date (documents)  
- Changed default language in autotext dialog
- Added recent projects to project explorer

June 10, 2011 (14.0.296)
- Corrected issue with UNC paths to Document Folder
- Added new features project search dialog (283)
- Added unknown documents to log filter (283)
- Simplified display of VAT Codes (283)
- Corrected issue with search results in Project
   Explorer (282)
- Improvement performance reading projects (282)
- Corrected issue in the expense dialog (281)
- New design: Autocorrect dialog
- New: Print in Calendar
- Possibility to use %APPDATA% in template folder
- Added rounding properties in Administrator
- Added System properties in Administrator
- Added User texts in Administrator
- Corrected new Contact / Client dialog
- Checking parents of drag drop clients
- Corrected error with color categories (billinginfo)
- minor fixes

October 22. 2010 (14.0.239)
- Added new formats for importing contacts and
  clients  (txt, csv, excel, access, ado, xml,
  advantage, odt...)
- Added Outlook Contacts to DropZone (Drag
  Outlook Contacts to DropZone (import to WinYou

Updated October 1. 2010 (14.0.235)
    - Added new reports
    - Open Accounts Receivable - Open Bills
    - Billed / Paid
    - Per Day and User
- Added Modify / Add Project / Contacts Links
  in Administrator
- Changed billing templates for easier customizing
  (check out latest documentation here)
- Fixed an issue with outlook and appointments
- Fixed smaller issues

WinYou Law 2007

Latest Updates for existing WinYou Law 2007 installations:

Updated Jan 11. 2010 (12.11.5)

Corrected a outlook drag & drop issue + minor fixes.

Update without Database and Templates.

Updated Jan 9. 2010 (included in Update 12.11.5)

Preventing following error message from Outlook: “The operation failed because of network or other communication problems.  Verify your connections and try again.” 

Please replace the JL_Auto.exe in WinYou Law program folder after download and unzip.


WinYou Law 2005

WinYou Law 2005 support lifecycle is ended. Please upgrade to latest WinYou Law version. You can still contact