WinYou Law 2010
 Activity Log / Journal
Tabs in WinYou Law menubar / ribbon (organized by tasks in a law firm):

Work Screen

(Activity Log / Journal)


All Activities (such as Fees, Documents etc.) for the project you have opened will be displayed in the Project Work Screen (Activity Log / Journal - electronic file). This is where you enter all of the Activity Log entries - using the same procedure!

To open an Activity Log entry, you can double-click it or right click in the Activity Log and select Modify / Open from the context menu. You can display detailed information about a project and its properties with a mouse click.

In the detailed project information template, you can define the basic data, e.g. Project language, Office, Users and their roles (e.g. project manager) and project-specific rates, VAT or Sales Tax, Keywords etc.

The client’s address (together with all related information) is directly visible in the Work Screen.

You can customize these views yourself and make windows and columns invisible / visible or take them apart and group their components differently.

More detailed information: