WinYou Law 2010
Tabs in WinYou Law menubar / ribbon (organized by tasks in a law firm):



Under TimeSheet, you enter your work and expenses as continuous text, just as you would if you were writing it down on paper. You can work with your usual abbreviations (AutoCorrect for Text or Shortcuts for Fees and Expenses). WinYou Law auto-completes the text and integrates it into your selected project. By using individual shortcuts that register several entries in a single step, you will gain precious time. Of course, the classical way of entering Fees and Expenses is also available

You have various options forinputting your TimeSheet entries. You can enter minutes (e.g. 45m), decimal hours (e.g. 0.5h) or amounts directly (e.g. Total Fee: tf250.00). In the TimeSheet you can enter time periods “from - to“ or stop/start your working time. Expenses are entered in amounts, e.g. (5.50co for 5.50 copies).

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